This website is a collection of macro and micro photographs of fungi and myxomycetes, taken in The New Forest National Park in the UK. At present the site has around 450 species and 2,900 images. This represents a small fraction of what is out there and there is a distinct bias towards the more photogenic fungi. Great care has been taken to correctly identify the fungi on the site with the help of respected literature and the input of others far more experienced than myself but complete certainty is almost impossible. If you are looking for help to identify a fungus try the very helpful experts at UK Fungi Forum or the comprehensive fungi section of the First Nature website.


You can browse the whole collection by selecting each month in turn. The "type" selection doesn't include the gilled fungi as there would be too many results. Once you have navigated to species level you can click on the thumbnail to see a large image. Click on the spore (top left) to get back to this page.